WP1 Management & Coordination
The WP1 concerns the coordination and management of all project activities and consists of the following actions:
Action 1.2 Administrative and financial monitoring and evaluation, composition of progress reports regarding the physical and financial progress of the project
Action 1.3 Organization of technical meetings of the project among partners in order to ensure the smooth implementation of activities
Action 1.4 Certification of expenditure

WP2 Information & Publicity
The WP2 includes the diffusion and dissemination of results and activities of the project actions in order to inform citizens and raise their awareness regarding the promotion of cultural heritage.
Action 2.1 Development of the project's communication plan
Action 2.2 Development of the project's website
Action 2.3 Development of the project's multilingual project communication package
Action 2.4 Dissemination of results to the media and the general public
Action 2.5 Final public event

WP3 Development of the basis of the platform
The WP3 includes the conduction of studies and the implementation of educational seminars.
Action 3.1 Development of the action plan
Action 3.2 Data collection
Action 3.3 Digitalization of collected information

WP4 Creating the platform for the promotion of castles
The WP4 includes the development of the platform towards the promotion of castles.
Action 4.1 Development of the GIS application
Action 4.2 3D models database
Action 4.3 Development of the virtual tour application
Action 4.4 Development of extranet
Action 4.5 Development of the 360 degrees panoramas

WP5 Evaluation and upcoming actions
Within WP5, the afore-mentioned actions will be evaluated and continuation policies will be developed.
Action 5.1 Final evaluation report, brief continuation policy