The overall project objective is the management of the same cultural challenges through joint efforts of both countries.
Objectives of the project include: promotion of a common character, enhancement of cross-border cooperation and cross-border exchanges, tourism increase in the region, tourism services upgrade and cultural tourism enhancement, differentiation of castles from other classical ancient monuments, motivating of local scientific community, enhancement and modernisation of informative methods through the use of new technologies, contribution to cultural education of young people.
The specific objectives of the project are:
Enhancement of cultural heritage of the region
Digitization of information regarding historical sites that will be collected
Development of a virtual tour application using 3D reconstructions of historical monuments
Increasing of tourism in the region
Upgrade of tourist services and cultural enhancement of tourism (e-tourism)
Differentiation of castles from other classical ancient monuments
Sensitization and mobilization of the local scientific community
Strengthening and modernization of IT methods for all citizens and visitors through the use of new technologies
Cultural education of young people
Promotion of cooperation between the two countries in order to address a common problem
Promotion of the use of new technologies