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UET Centre
Blv. "GjergjFishta", Nd 70, H1, Tirana, 1023
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UET Centre Profile

UET Centre is a civil society organization established in 2009 as an initiative of a group of researchers and lecturers at the European University of Tirana (UET). UET Centre intends to contribute towards the progress and democratization of the Albanian society through policy-oriented research projects, capacity building and joint programmes in these main areas:

- Good Governance and EU Integration
- Economy and Sustainable Development
- Human Rights and Social Inclusion
- Information Technology, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

UET Centre has an extensive experience in project development, networking and stakeholders’ engagement. It has proven to be a committed a reliable partner in successful project management in various national and international programmes of research, capacity-building and development such as:

- International institutions as donors and partners: European Commission; British Council/British Embassy; USA Embassy; NUFFIC/Netherlands Embassy; Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation; German Society for International Development GIZ; Open Society Foundation; World Vision; UNICEF; GFK; Konrad Adenauer Stiftung; etc.
- Local (non)governmental organizations: Agency for the Support of Civil Society; Ministry of Education and Science; Albanian Investment Development Agency; Business Albania; Chamber of Commerce; Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation; Albanian School of Public Administration; Municipality of Tirana; Regional Government; ABC Foundation;
- Local and international higher education institutions: LSE Research on South East Europe, UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies, CERI Sciences Po, European University Institute, Central European University, University of Graz, University of Salzburg, University of Sapienza, University of Limerick, University of Luneburg, etc.

UET Centre has a pool of highly qualified researchers, scholars and project managers and it also collaborates with the European University of Tirana for expertise as well as with the local and regional CSOs and network of higher education institutions, businesses and other stakeholders. It encourages a culture of knowledge-sharing, openness and horizontal linkages between HEIs, CSOs, research centres, governmental organizations and relevant stakeholders. As such UET Centre strongly supports researchers’ mobility in the region and EU and staff circulation in the quadruple Helix: government, research, business and civil society sector.

UET Centre maintains its commitment to impact the society at large in Albania. To do so, the centre pays particular importance to its strategic communication, visibility of actions, dissemination of information, knowledge-sharing and exchange of experiences and know-how. UET Centre uses mainstream and new media instruments to promote projects to the public at large through MAPO Media and UET Press.

Project Title Donor/Programme Aim Results
Network creation and promotion of castles - NetCastle European Commission IPA Cross Border Cooperation The overall project is the emergence and promotion of a common cultural product in the cross-border region to boost tourism industry with the use of new technologies and e-tourism. Creation a network for visibility, renovation and enhancement of cultural heritage of the historical castle of the targeted areas. Provision to the user with a multicultural and educational experience with the use of suitably adapted innovative interactive experiential services. Offer to the user a tour through time and space by utilizing 3D representations of historical monuments
“Albania towards EU Integration and the significance of Regional Development: IPA III” Open Society Foundation for Albania The aim of this project is to enhance the capacities of local government in Albania to apply for and benefit from the IPA III funds in the framework of the European Integration process. The project is implemented by the UET Centre, European University of Tirana in collaboration with the Institute for the Training of the Public Administration in Albania. The UET Centre conducted an assessment of the needs, capacities and potentialities of local government in regards to the IPA III funds in lieu of the EU accession process. The UET Centre designed and delivered relevant trainings for local government officials in partnership with Training of the Public Administration in Albania in the 12 regions of Albania with the participation of local NGOs.
“International trade in Western Balkan Countries –an analysis based on gravity model approach” Austrian Development Agency – Research and Scientific Agreement between Austrian Government and Albanian Government The main aim of the project is to analyse and statistically estimate the patterns of international trade of Western Balkan countries by means of a gravity model approach. This proposed joint research project is specifically focused on improving the quality of research in Albania in the field of social and economic sciences.
Knowledge-based approach to regional development in Albania and Kosovo Austrian Development Agency Partners: The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI); Riinvest Institute This research project investigates to what extent and in what ways, if at all, strategies, and policy interventions and programmes for the development of a knowledgebased society in Kosovo and Albania could contribute to sustainable regional development. Results: Research paper on knowledge-based regional development in Kosovo and Albania. Policy paper with recommendations of Triple Helix in Kosovo and Albania Establishment of the Network for linking research to business and policy
Roma Youth Empowerment through capacity development and education for alternative media ABC Foundation and Institute of Romani Culture in Albania The aim is to develop the capacity of Roma youth and empower them to create participatory communication spaces through the use of alternative media as a tool to counter marginalization Assessment of the current situation and the need of the Roma community for participatory communication spaces; Establishment of a network of partners working on alternative media for marginalised communities; Training of Roma youth to develop their communicative competences. Establishment of Kanxura Radio – Roma online community radio.
Critical Skills Learning for Innovation, Sustainable Growth, Mobility and EmployAbility in the Multicultural Environment of the Western Balkans Erasmus Mundus Action 2 European Commission
UET Centre as affiliated partner of the European University of Tirana
The objective of EM A2 SIGMA Agile is to address the real and changing needs of the Western Balkan Higher Education Institutions and to contribute towards innovative education, human resources professional development, employability, institutional and academic infrastructure building. Exposing students, researchers, academic and administrative staff to studies, research and training in other European countries.
Organisation of accompanying initiatives, such as workshops, webinars or conferences.
156 full scholarships for mobility.
Connecting Science-Society Collaborations for Sustainability Innovations – ConSus Tempus European Commission UET Centre as affiliated partner of the European University of Tirana The Tempus Project CONSUS aims to establish a regional science (involving higher education and research)-society (involving practice) network for sustainability innovations in Albania and Kosovo. The project addresses the priority through establishing a science-society network for sustainable innovations and through developing and running workshops and trainings for the target groups to foster collaborations within this network. It also gives the opportunity to develop innovations, to share knowledge and to enhance sustainability.
Jean Monnet Chair: “Albania toward the EU Regional Development / ALEURD” Jean Monnet, Life Long Learning European Commission UET Centre as affiliated partner of the European University of Tirana The aim of the Chair is to develop theoretical and practical knowledge and expertise on EU and regional development amongst students, academics, civil society and local government in order to enhance the Albanian capacities to benefit from EU structural funds in lieu of the EU accession. Two new modules on Sustainable Regional Development and EU Projects and Finances introduced.
6 doctoral colloquium and research roundtables on regional development and social inclusion in lieu of EU integration in Albania. Journal article published.
EU Policies – Lessons Learned from the Visegrad Countries’ The Visegrad University Studies Grant (VUSG)
UET Centre as affiliated partner of the European University of Tirana
The aim of the project is to transfer know-how, experiences and challenges regarding EU integration from the Visegrad Countries to candidate countries such as Albania through the development of common courses. Study visits and open lectures organised.
New Ideas for New Entrepreneurship ABC Foundation The project aims enhancement of partnerships between the spheres of academia, research and business so as to contribute to development and social innovation in Albania in lieu of the emerging demands and needs of a knowledge-based economy and society. Establishment of the Network of Partners with the business sector, the government, civil society and research sector.
3 roundtable organised.
1 final national conference on linking research to business and policy.
Innovative approaches in science education explored through a gender perspective in the context of a knowledge-based society” Research Report UET Centre The study is particularly interested in a gender analysis of the complex relation between science education, technology and innovation on one hand and women empowerment on the other hand in developing countries and draws from the case of higher education landscape in Albania Policy recommendations published.
Social Innovation, e-commerce and employment OECD and Ministry of Economy “Handmade Albania”, the impact of e-commerce on growth for local communities; the business plan was awarded First Prize/Winner in the Albanian Business Plan Competition organised by the Albanian Investment Development Agency/AIDA, OECD Investment Compact for South East Europe, METE. Assessment of market needs.
Preparation of the platform.